Travel Tools

If your looking to plan your next trip then these tools will help you find the best flight and hotels deal available.  #HappyTravels

Blogging Tools and Resources

It takes a lot of critical tools to set up and run a travel blog such as ours.  We’ve listed the ones that really helped us to realise our vision for Expert Traveller, tools we just can’t do without.

 We wholeheartedly recommend them to you for one reason – we use them and know how much they’ve helped us.

We will receive a commission from any purchase you make after clicking on the links on this page, just so you know, but if we don’t use and really like the tool – it won’t be on this list!


Our site is built on this platform and we can’t say enough good things about it!  Seriously – it’s awesome – and a must have for any new blogger.



We use Jetpack for monitoring our site stats such as views, likes and comments.  We also use it to speed up loading of images and photos, which is a must if you have an image heavy site like ours.

Jetpack also helps to show readers related posts, helping to keep our audience engaged in reading our content.  It’s a critical tool for bloggers to have.



We use Sumo to boost our e-mail capture conversion rates with their List Builder option. We also love their social sharing tools and analytics. It’s an incredible combo to have on your site.

Sumo Tools To Automate Your Growth


VigiLink is a really smart tool for bloggers, especially if you’re just starting out.  It enables you to use any external link on your site to generate income. If you are new to affiliate marketing this is an easy place to begin.

VigLink banner