The Making of Expert Traveller



I am absolutely passionate about travel, education and making people’s lives better. For many years I have been developing my travel knowledge and expertise by following numerous great blogs; keeping up with the latest airline, plane, hotel and resort news; travelling extensively; and by providing travel advice to family and friends. This is where Expert Traveller came from and my desire to share this.



I am an avid traveller who suffers from perennially itchy feet!  I have particular passions for out of the way places; the art of cruising; food experiences; museums and historical sites; art and culture; and architecture. So expect my posts to be full of those things! I am passionate about educating, inspiring, and helping experienced and newbie travellers to build their travel wish lists and make them a reality! I hope that after reading our blog you’ll be inspired to fulfil your travel dreams, whatever they are…

Living and Working Around the World

Over the past 20 years we have travelled extensively together.  We have also had the opportunity to work abroad, which really added to the adventure. We have been fortunate to live in seven amazingly different, wonderful countries – Australia, Romania, UK, Russia, Peru, Ecuador and Singapore , with our careers in education and training.

Feel free to ask us about our travel experiences in any of these countries, especially if they are on your travel wish list.



To be the go to source of travel advice for aspirational, business and first class travellers


We provide expert advice on luxury travel experiences, helping you to create and fulfil your travel wish list


Expertise Focussed

We continually develop our expertise in all matters travel related by staying up-to-date with the industry and by travelling extensively

We network and build partnerships with fellow travel experts, travel related companies, and industry experts

We focus our travel work on luxury travel experiences and opportunities that will benefit our community members

Community Focussed

We provide the best possible level of service to our community members

We engage with our community members in a caring way,  respecting and valuing them and their experiences.

We  listen closely to our community members and are responsive to their travel needs, concerns and suggestions for improvement

We are committed to giving back through our active Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Ethically Focussed

We act with honesty and integrity with our community members

We are truthful and open in everything we do

We value diversity and encourage inclusion

We operate in line with environmentally friendly principles