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The Air New Zealand Lounge at Brisbane International Airport

Etihad Airways doesn’t have it’s own lounge in Brisbane so it uses the Air New Zealand lounge at Brisbane’s International Airport.  This lounge is for all of Etihad’s business class passengers on its daily 787 Dreamliner service to Abu Dhabi.  Full details on that flight are coming in a post shortly, so look out for it if Etihad is on your wish list of business class carriers.

Entering the Air New Zealand Lounge

Once you’ve cleared security, turn right and look for the large double escalator going upstairs. You’ll find the Air New Zealand lounge is up the escaltors and to the left.

Layout of the Lounge

The Air New Zealand lounge has a very modern and inviting look, with striking colours. It is extremely well laid out, with a huge amount of space and light.  On the night I was there the place was almost empty, with only our Etihad flight, and one other much later, to be catered for.

On entry you are warmly welcomed at the Kia Ora welcome desk and invited to use the facilities of the lounge. At the entry there is a small seating area that would suit a small group of four people wanting some privacy, or people who will be in the lounge just for a short time.


Moving into the lounge proper, the first thing that hits you is the wow factor! This lounge is an open, extremely spacious, and plush space.  It looks incredibly comfortable. Through the centre of the lounge is a large area with the buffet at one end. I’ll talk more about that a bit later.

There is table seating to the left and right, with a large communal table down the middle. There are also separate smaller seating areas, long benches, and relaxing spots at long couches with comfortable, leather chairs facing them.


This lounge is obviously designed for comfort, with areas arranged for all sorts of travellers and all types of uses. I particularly liked the couch areas, with colourful cushions and small tables.  These are a great place to have drinks or small plates on, or even to do some work.

Having such a wide variety of seating areas is what really makes this lounge appealing. There is space for everybody, from families to business people, travellers on the road, and people heading away on holidays.

Air New Zealand Lounge Dining

When it comes to dining this lounge has quite a good range of food. There is a very well set up buffet at one end of the lounge. It included several hot dishes, although this was quite late in the evening and they were very depleted. There was also quite a range of snacks including sandwiches, wraps, scones, muffins and cakes.  This Air New Zealand buffet also provided fruit salad and fresh fruit.

The food looked well prepared and presented and quite inviting. I knew that when I got onboard I would be well served, so I didn’t help myself to much. There would certainly be enough to keep you going if you had to have dinner in the lounge though.


This lounge also does an excellent job in the drinks department. If you’re looking for wine or sparkling you are in luck!  Being in the Air New Zealand lounge the wine quality is very high, as you would expect. The white wine was the very good Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc, from the Marlborough region. Red wine included the Villa Maria range and the Vidal Reserve Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon.

The sparkling wine was the excellent Dulcét also from New Zealand. This sparkling wine is exclusively available in Air New Zealand lounges and on their flights.  If you’re more into beer, the well stocked fridge included Corona and Macs Black Mac.

There was also a good range of soft drinks and juices, as well as a quality tea and coffee machine where you could make yourself a cappuccino or the like. As it was late in the evening before my 10:35pm departure, I settled in for a glass of the Dulcét sparkling.

Working in the Lounge

This Air New Zealand lounge is well set up for those who are working on the road. There were plenty of work spaces, including the large communal table I mentioned earlier.  This table was rarely used whilst I was in the lounge.  The many smaller work areas, however, were well used.

Power outlets were plentiful.  Thank you Air New Zealand!  What I particularly liked was that as well as power points, there were also USB plugs readily available throughout the lounge. I was able to charge my devices quite easily ahead of my 14 hour flight.

There was a good photocopier and scanner available.  It had a very straight forward email to print system, which enabled me to print off visa documentation for my upcoming trip to India. This is not in a standalone business centre, but rather adjacent to the reception area.  So you have the receptionist available to help if you have any queries. Well designed Air New Zealand!

Travelling with Children

The lounge was also very well set up for children, with an area completely set aside for them. The children’s playroom was colourful, inviting, and had lots to do.  I’m sure it would keep young children well entertained and their parents relaxed.


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This lounge is a comfortable and inviting place to spend a couple of hours ahead of your flight. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and found the staff friendly, extremely helpful, and very proud of their lounge. They spent time talking to me about the lounge, which was a welcome surprise. Even though I was traveling on a partner airline, they treated me just like I was one of their own passengers. This was an absolute delight, and having never flown Air New Zealand before, I was very impressed.

If you have several hours to fill ahead of your flight, this is certainly one of the nicest lounges to spend your time in.

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