How the LATAM VIP Lounge Makes Business Class Feel Like First!


LATAM’s VIP Lounge in Santiago

From Curb to Check-In

From the moment my taxi dropped me, the business class check-in experience was first class. Priority check-in with LATAM doesn’t just have a separate lane, but a dedicated separate hall away from the hustle and bustle of the masses. A really welcome benefit when travelling is a huge part of your life!!

You enter the main departures hall, turn left, and head towards group check-in and priority boarding. Follow the escalator up to the first floor, past the Gatsby café and food hall, and go straight ahead to the priority check-in area.

I was welcomed by an almost traveller-free hall and eight smiling check-in staff ready to serve me. Once checked-in, I headed through the dedicated passport control and security zone. Being one of only two travellers, I was through in a couple of minutes and found the LATAM VIP lounge situated directed behind the security check.  Extremely quick and convenient, well done LATAM!

The LATAM VIP Lounge Welcome

I was welcomed to the LATAM VIP lounge by friendly reception staff who kindly asked me to head left to the Business Class lounge. Right took you to the First Class lounge, which you can read about in our post, 6 Reasons to Love the LATAM Lounge in Santiago!.

The LATAM VIP Lounge Aesthetics

As I entered what struck me was how bright and airy this lounge was.  I was immediately impressed with the modern and contemporary feel, and the seemingly quiet and relaxed atmosphere.  This was amazing, given I was sharing the lounge with a good number of fellow frequent flyers.

A fresh and rather minimalistic colour scheme was coupled with wooden panelled feature walls and the occasional funky multi-coloured carpeting.  This gave the lounge a calming, yet interesting look.

The Lounge Layout and Food Options

The LATAM VIP lounge is spread over two levels.  The lower level boasts a selection of different seating areas; armchairs with low level coffee tables; bar stools unsurprisingly at the bar; benches that hug the exterior walls; dining tables and chairs; and lounge chairs.

There is a self-service bar and buffet serving a selection of cold cuts, bread and cheeses. As well as some lovely looking mini sandwiches and rolls. If you fancy something sweet, there were cakes and pastries on offer. They also offered a small selection of hot food, which included individually presented pots of pasta and quiche.

I headed up the grand staircase in the middle of the lower floor to see what the upper floor had to offer. As I climbed I saw a sign for the sleeping room and the entertainment room, these I liked the sound of!

The first thing that struck me, as I reached the summit of the stairs, was just how big the second floor was.  It actually seemed bigger than the lower level, something I was not expecting.

There were more of the same seating areas as the lower level, and there was also another self-service bar and buffet severing the same delights as downstairs. A great addition was the cinema style seating arrangement, for those wanting to watch some sports or films.


Entertainment, Working and Sleeping Areas

I was interested to see what the LATAM VIP lounge’s entertainment and sleeping rooms would be like. I followed the signs to find a very modern looking entertainment room. However, apart from some funky seating, rather loud carpets, and a large television at the far end, I couldn’t see what specifically categorised this as an entertainment room.  To be honest this was the only disappointing aspect of the entire lounge experience.

I carried on down the corridor, in this seemingly endless lounge, where I came to yet another self-service bar and buffet offering cereal bars, cakes, and cheese and biscuits. There were some more formal seating areas, perfect for catching up on some work or enjoying some of the culinary delights. As I wandered further I came to the business area; consisting of a couple of desk top Mac’s and a printer.


I then made my way to the sleeping room, which was well used and just what you’d expect.  This LATAM VIP Lounge provided 6 leather beds with pillows and duvets. As it was so well used, with only one free bed, I didn’t get a photo for obvious reasons – didn’t want to be ‘that guy’!

I finally sat myself down next to the large windows overlooking the runway, a guilty pleasure for many frequent flyers is watching planes.  I wouldn’t call myself a plane spotter, more of a plane appreciator!  Nonetheless, I spent an enjoyable time here ‘appreciating’ all of the planes!

Whetting Your Whistle in the LATAM VIP Lounge

Being in Chile I was interested to see what wine the LATAM VIP Lounge would have on offer.  As a huge fan of red wine, I made a bee line for the three bottles standing proudly on the end of the bar area.

I was rather shocked to see one of the three wines was actually Argentinean!  There is nothing wrong with Argentinian wine, far from it! However, when you have the broad selection and magnificent wineries that Chile produces, I found it rather amusing that the lounge’s Malbec was from the other side of the continent. In addition to the red, they also had some lovely looking white wine and of course Champagne on offer.

If wine is not your thing, you are still well catered for, there is a reasonable selection of spirits and beers, including the local beer Kristal.  They also had the German favourite Heineken and the magnificent Mexican Corona. There were also coffee machines and plenty of soft drinks available, including fruit juices, bottled water, and cans of fizzy!

Wi-Fi and Power Options

The wi-fi in this LATAM VIP Lounge was excellent!  I was able to log-on and check a few emails; read a few blog posts from the outstanding Expert Traveller website (*shameless plug*); check in on social media; and find out what was happening back home.

The other thing I noticed about the lounge was the number of power sockets dotted about. This is one thing I always look out for in a lounge.  It’s something that rates highly for all of us at Expert Traveller because it’s an absolute necessity. Sadly, not enough lounge designers get this need.

In the LATAM VIP Lounge every seat had at least one socket, even the formal seating areas offered the option of a pre-flight charge.  Nice one, LATAM!

In terms of my pre-flight charge, I indulged in some red wine.  I selected the Chilean Perez Crus 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, which as I expected was fantastic, smooth and rich. I also had some cheese, biscuits and cold cuts…. A delicious pre-flight snack.

This truly was a fantastic experience from check-in to boarding.  I’d have happily stayed longer, sipping beautiful red wine and snacking on a fine selection of cheese, surely there is nothing better!

Expert Traveller Recommends…

If you are transiting through, or flying from, Santiago with LATAM, then the LATAM VIP Lounge is a great place to refresh, recharge and get ready for your flight.

There are options for every taste and need.  For the weary traveller we recommend taking a nap in the dedicated sleeping room.  If napping is not your thing then a re-charge at the self-service buffets and bars is an excellent option.

Whilst in the LATAM VIP Lounge in Santiago take advantage of the fast wi-fi and handy power sockets, to knock off some work and power-up before your flight.


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