You Must Try a Champagne Breakfast at British Airways’ First Lounge Heathrow!


British Airways’ First Lounge – London Heathrow

As a regular traveller to the UK, I am often at London Heathrow awaiting my next departure. British Airways has a range of lounges across the terminals they use for frequent flyers to relax in. In terminal 3, British Airways has both a Galleries Business Class lounge as well as the British Airways’ First lounge – side by side.

In addition, the Elemis Spa is also located in this area for spa and beauty treatments, however the free services are only provided to those flying on British Airways. The First Class lounge is accessible to Oneworld Emerald status frequent flyers, and is a welcome relief from the often overcrowded Business Class lounge next door.

The British Airways’ First Lounge – Getting your Bearings

Entry is via a short corridor, after which you can turn left or right to relax in this large, long lounge. The lounge has numerous, different seating areas, with comfortable options to suit all tastes.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the British Airways’ First Lounge and it’s fast! Straight ahead is the champagne bar and a nice, quiet seating area. Adjacent to this, heading to the left, is a large selection of magazines as well as British and international newspapers.

Heading left will take you to a  large room, with multiple seating areas, a self-serve bar, the business centre, and toilets and showers.

From the champagne bar if you head right, you will find coffee and tea facilities, several smaller seating areas, another self serve bar, and the buffet and dining room. This is our preferred area to sit in the British Airways’ First Lounge, as everything is close by. There are also lovely views out across the tarmac.

The children’s playroom is at the start of this area, close to the coffee machine for caffeine deprived parents supervising their children. The playroom is completely enclosed in glass, making it soundproof for other guests’ relaxation.  The British Airways’ First Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 really does this well!

British Airways’ First Lounge Dining Options

Unlike the Business Lounge, this British Airways’ First Lounge has several dining options. We were there for breakfast. Along with the extensive breakfast buffet, there is also a dining room.

The buffet changes throughout the day.  For breakfast there is a full range of English breakfast foods, as well as a good range of fresh fruit, yoghurt, cereals and juices.

The British Airways’ First Lounge dining room has a full menu, which incidentally can be ordered and eaten anywhere in the lounge. Freshly prepared meals including eggs, sausages and omelettes can be ordered, as can coffees and teas.

On this morning I tried the Eggs Benedict!  They were served with ham and were to die for! As I was flying home from a business trip, I decided to make it a champagne breakfast, which was a brilliant start to the day!  You definitely need to try this out if you’re in this lounge for breakfast.

Business Facilities in the British Airways’ First Lounge

All British Airways’ Lounges have business facilities of one sort or another. This lounge provides a good range of facilities, including computers, printers and scanners. The only disappointing factor is that it is not in a business centre setting.  This means that there is no privacy for business travellers. Rather, you are in the open lounge which means it’s not particularly quiet if you have some serious work to do. A privacy screen would certainly add to making this area more useful for business travellers.


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It is a delight to be able to use the British Airways’ First Lounge.  You can even use this lounge when travelling in economy, as long as you are an Emerald Oneworld frequent flyer. The wide range of services, the sit down dining room, and the peace and quiet make this an attractive stop when travelling.

Although there are a wide range of Oneworld lounges at London Heathrow to consider, this is well worth a stop, for a glass of champagne or a meal. We enjoy ourselves every time we are there, especially when it’s breakfast time!

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