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Cathay Pacific – A World Leading Airline

Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s leading airlines. It consistently delivers a sensational business class product across the fleet , as well as a high standard of personal service. They are regularly recognised for it!

Final Leg of Our Round-the-World Adventure

We flew Business Class on Cathay Pacific’s new A350, from Hong Kong home to Brisbane.  This was the final leg on our Round the World adventure. Our trip took us to Sydney, Santiago, New York City, Helsinki, Paris and Hong Kong and has been a thoroughly enjoyable jaunt around the world.

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Having spent a few very good hours in the Cathay Pacific First Class lounges it was time to board for the final flight home. Cathay Pacific are very good at boarding elite frequent flyers and business class passengers early, which gives you plenty of time to settle in and get to know your seat – your home for the next eight hours.

The Business Class Seat

Cathay Pacific is consistent across their fleet and have a superb Business Class seat. Their cabins are always in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving every passenger direct aisle access and a fully flat bed!

We seriously like Cathay Pacific’s take on their seat’s design.  The added feature of the privacy wing at head height, which really does make you feel like you are alone, means there is a great level of privacy afforded to all passengers.

The seat controls are easily accessible and very intuitive to use.

Storage in Business Class

The business class seat, pleasingly, has a good amount of space, with storage for both larger and smaller items like a mobile phone. We love the cabinet where your noise cancelling headphones are stored. It has a small mirror, which is very useful to check yourself before landing.  It also has power points, including USB ports, and a small mesh pouch you can store your phone in as it’s charging.

There is a further storage bin beside your seat, and additional storage under your footrest as well.


The business class seat provides ample legroom with the ability to use this throughout the flight, including at take off and landing. A lush pillow and blanket await each passenger on boarding.

Business Class Entertainment

You have access to controls for lights, seat recline, and the entertainment system all within easy reach. The entertainment on offer is extensive.  There is a very wide variety to choose from including international, Asian and other selections, often matching the destination of the flight. For instance on flights to and from India you can see a large Bollywood selection.

There is a wonderful tail camera that you can watch from your seat, giving you a bird’s eye view of take off and landing.  Your can also watch all of the pre-take off goings on on the tarmac. We love this feature!

The Table, Service, and Meals

The tray table in business class is a good size and it’s very stable. We love that it can be folded in half and used for drinks, or fully opened for meals or to work on your laptop as we often do.

On arrival to our seat we were warmly welcomed and soon offered a welcome aboard drink. We chose the champagne which on this flight was Champagne Deutz Brut Classic NV.

Not long into the flight the business class meal service commences. This was a daytime flight leaving around midday, so lunch was served. Beautifully presented menus tell you what is on offer.  Cathay Pacific also rolls the trolley around allowing you to see all the options available and to pick directly from the trolley.  We love this feature!

For the starter we had the Parma ham and salami, served with a green salad and garlic bread.

For the main course we had the Grilled Lamb Rack served with mushrooms, tomato, carrot, and spinach risotto. We accompanied this with a lovely glass of the French Red.

To finish off we decided that the cheese on offer was too good to refuse and so we had a generous serving.  Cheese lovers heaven!


Expert Traveller Recommends…

Cathay Pacific has an excellent business class product and this makes for a very comfortable journey. The seat is excellent for relaxing, and although we didn’t use the bed on this daytime flight, we have in the past and it is indeed very comfortable.

Along with the very good service, excellent range of entertainment, and large degree of privacy afforded every passenger, we can find no major fault in this top quality product. We highly recommend Cathay Pacific to you and especially their very good business class offer.

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