7 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Flight Because of the Cathay Pacific First Lounges!


Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong Lounge Offer

Cathay Pacific has two First Class Lounges in the Hong Kong International Airport, which are provided by the airline and also accessible by Oneworld Emerald Frequent Flyers.

The Pier First Class Lounge is located near Gate 65 and downstairs from the main concourse.  The Wing First Class Lounge is located near Gate 4 and directly upstarts from Cathay Pacific’s The Wing Business Class Lounge.

Both of these first class lounges are exceptional and on recent trips we started at The Wing, then made the hike across to The Pier. We highly recommend you do the same.

It’s highly possible that you will be having such a good time in these two Cathay Pacific lounges, that you’ll miss your flight!

Here are seven reasons that could happen!

1. You Were in the Bath in Your Cabana

At The Wing First Class Lounge there are private suites called cabanas, which have a full bathtub, rain shower, day couch, separate bathroom, and clothes pressing service!  Full Wi-Fi is available and you can even take a glass of champagne in with you.

You can stay up to 90 minutes in these little slices of awesome!  So it’s very easy to drift away, completely forgetting you are actually in an airport and awaiting a Cathay Pacific flight. Heavenly!

2. Your Couldn’t Leave the Champagne Bar

The Wing Lounge has an elegantly designed champagne bar.  Cathay Pacific has three champagnes on offer at any one time, which usually includes a Rosé. The bar area is in a distinct part of the lounge.  At numerous times of the day they also have a waiter at this bar to pour the champagne for you. Now this is how First Class should be!

The Champagne bar has large, comfortable Chesterfield leather couches, making it very easy to settle in and forget completely about that flight you were supposed to be on.

3.  You Were in the Dining Room having Breakfast AND Lunch

Both of Cathay Pacific’s First Class lounges have a gorgeous sit down dining room, well worth eating in.  However, we find the larger one at The Pier to be the better of the two. It has a wider menu selection, with full a la carte dining.

They also have a full bar in the restaurant and you can order anything from it, including the full range of champagnes. The menu changes regularly and has a great range of Asian and Western options.

Why not settle in for breakfast, then lunch…and even stay for dinner!

4.  You Were Relaxing in the Private Day Suites

If you are in The Pier First Class Lounge you will definitely want to take advantage of these amazing, private spaces.  Cathay Pacific’s First Class Day Suites include a full day bed, Wi-Fi, adjustable lighting, and a large window looking out at the planes.

Gazing out at this, it is easy enough to lose track of time and miss your own flight!

5.  You Were Getting Your Foot Massage

The Pier First Class Lounge provides a personal massage service for up to three people at a time. For most travellers the foot massage is the ideal option, lasting for 15 minutes. A shoulder massage is also a great option, but as the space is not totally private, this may not suit everyone.

It’s best to book in early as the massages tend to book out quickly. We recommend visiting the booking desk, located in the middle of the hallway where the showers and day suites are, when you first arrive in this lounge.

Just be sure not to get massaged into a state of relaxation that causes you to sleep through your departure time!

6.  You Were Enjoying Yourself Too Much in the Bar

Both of Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounges have beautifully set up bar areas for you to relax in with a drink of your choice. In The Pier First Class Lounge the bar is located to the left on entry, along the long corridor.  This bar is called the Living Room.  Cathay Pacific’s designers have styled it after a chic apartment.

In The Wing, you have several bar areas as well as wandering bar staff, all too eager to assist you. The main bar is cozy, inviting and fully tended. No need to serve yourself in these incredible First Class Lounges.

Just remember to put the drink down and pick the bags up so you don’t miss your flight!

7.  You Can’t Get Enough of These Two First Class Lounges and Don’t Want to Leave

Hey, we totally hear you!  We’ve been exactly there.

Being a Oneworld Emerald card holder you get the highest level of lounge access (excluding Chairman’s Club or “by invitation” Lounges).  You get Cathay Pacific lounge access regardless of whether you are flying in economy class on a short flight in Asia, or business class, as we were, to Australia.

Getting your journey off to the right start with lounge access like this really helps. These lounges never feel crowded. Many business class lounges can feel very over crowded, making the experience less than enjoyable.

The ambience of these two gold-standard lounges really does make you feel special.  It also makes it hard to believe you are at an airport.

Even harder to leave them when it is time for your flight!

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We find it very easy to fill a long layover with these fabulous lounge experiences.  If you are not careful thought, you just might end up missing your flight. But then, I can think of worse places to be if I missed my flight.

If this happens to you, don’t worry.  You’ll just have to wait another four hours in the First Class Lounge for the next flight. How sad for you!

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  1. Nomads4Life Reply

    Loved this post. I’m doing a lot more budget travel lately so haven’t flown Cathay Pacific for a while but I do use airport lounges every chance I get. It makes like so much easier when you have a nice glass of champagne or a shower during a layover!

    1. Expert Traveller 2 Reply

      Thanks so much! We completely agree that the little luxuries provided by airline lounges make travel so much easier and more enjoyable. Especially if champagne is involved! Where have you been lately on your budget travel adventures? Sounds exciting! Happy travels.

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