Are You Missing Out on This Luxury Lounge in Helsinki?


Fabulous Finnair Does it Again in Helsinki!

Finnair’s Helsinki lounge is modern, dynamic and friendly.  It’s well worth a stopover… and it’s got a sauna! It’s a stunning lounge with obvious Scandinavian design features. It was hard to leave.

Finnair’s Helsinki lounge includes a range of comfortable but unique seating areas; a sleeping area; a children’s play room; as well as a full bar, and buffet dining options. The lounge also boasts a lovely shower suite area including the famous sauna – only in Finland!

Let’s start at the beginning!

Helsinki Lounge Options with Finnair

Finnair has three lounges at their home base airport in Helsinki. Thankfully Helsinki is a very easy airport to move around, being all in the one terminal building. There is a business class lounge in the Schengen area near gate 22, and the larger business class lounge in the non-Schengen area just past gate 35. Both lounges can be very busy, so be aware.

Located in the same area is the Finnair Premium Lounge, exclusively for Finnair’s top tier frequent flyers and OneWorld Emerald members. I was able to have access to this exclusive lounge with my Qantas Platinum card and it was well worth it!

Helsinki Lounge Entry

The main reception area greets guests for both the Premium and Business Class lounges in Helsinki.  At reception you will be greeted by the friendly Finnair staff who will check you into the lounge you have access to.  After that, you go left from reception to enter the Premium Lounge and right to enter the Business Class Lounge.

The Main Lounge

After passing through the glass doors into the Premium Lounge, you will see the buffet and bar area on your right .  The bar in this area has full service provided by very friendly Finnair staff.

There is an extensive range of international newspapers available to read in the lounge.  Something I really enjoy if I have the time on a stopover.  I highly recommend it!

If you continue straight ahead from the buffet, you will find yourself in the main lounge.  This area is divided into different seating areas, as well as a dedicated dining area.

An excellent feature of Finnair’s Helsinki lounge is the abundance of power outlets close by to seats.  There are a lot of other premium lounges that could take a leaf out of Finnair’s book on this issue!

Setting the Mood with Lighting Features

If you turn right at the bar you can continue into a second large seating area where there is an amazing lighting system.  The system has several different lighting options to set the mood for maximum ambience in the lounge.

The light shades move up and down from the ceiling as well as change colour, from a brilliant blue, to greens and warmer hues. It really is something special to see!

The Relaxation Lounge

Further on through the lounge you will find a small set of stairs, which leads up to an area that provides maximum relaxation. This area receives natural light from the large windows looking out to Helsinki.  It also provides a range of seating for individuals and couples to relax and de-stress.

My pick were the seats facing the windows, which are quite private, with curtains separating one pair of chairs from the next. Perfect for a couple, or by yourself when the lounge is not too busy.

The Sleeping Pods

At the end of the relaxation lounge on the left, are four sleeping pods – perfect if you have a long layover in Helsinki. Each pod has a recliner style couch so you can lie down.  Pillows and comforters are available to make yourself completely comfortable.

This area of the lounge is a quiet zone.  Each sleeping pod is divided by a thick curtain from the next, giving a level of separation but not complete privacy. A glass door with frosting closes off this area from the lounge proper, providing a darkened and quiet space to sleep, or just rest and relax.

Additional Lounge spaces

There is a small business centre curtained off from the main lounge, which provides a couple of iMacs and a printer. This is a good area to work if you need access to a computer, it’s quiet and well designed. Wifi in the lounge is both fast and reliable.

Past the business centre is an enclosed room called the kids play area. It is well set up, especially for younger children, with a colourful range of games and activities to keep the little ones occupied between flights.

I liked the fact it was a closed off area, giving parents some privacy with their children and limiting noise into the main lounge.

Food and Drinks

The Premium Lounge in Helsinki has a full buffet and bar, with a menu that changes depending on the the time of the day.

I was there for breakfast and there was a good range of hot and cold foods, as well as small plates to order on request. The food was plentiful, fresh and well presented.

The staff behind the bar were very attentive, warmly welcoming each guest and offering to assist. A full bar is available at all times of the day.

Breakfast mimosas were on offer the morning I was there, as well as Joseph Ferrier champagne, and a full range of spirits and mixers.

Shower Suites

The Premium Lounge has six dedicated shower suites which are fully private. Each suite has a shower, toilet, basin, with full amenities provided. There is also a good quality hairdryer.

The area is well maintained, very clean, and it is easy to get a suite.  Even when the lounge is busy you shouldn’t have a problem. There are also separate toilet facilities elsewhere within the lounge.

The Sauna!

The pièce de résistance though is the fact that Finnair’s Helsinki lounge has a sauna for use by guests between flights! I have never seen this in an airport lounge before.

It is a thoroughly Scandinavian concept, and a lovely addition to the lounge.  What amazed me even more was that it clearly gets well used. Top points to Finnair for including it in the design of this very modern and dynamic lounge.

Read more about Finnair’s fantastic service in our post about their business class, on our flight from New York to Helsinki – No, You Don’t Have to Pay a Motza to Fly Business Class!

Expert Traveller Recommends…

Finnair is an excellent airline and their lounges in Helsinki continue the same level of care and detail provided on their business class flights. If you have access to the Premium Lounge, we highly recommend a stop by.  It is beautiful in design, has a wide range of very good facilities, and the food and drink are top notch.

For us the stand outs, were the sleeping pods, the kid’s play room, and the sauna. Pop by and try one of these excellent design features when you’re next in Helsinki.


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