No, You Don’t Have to Pay a Motza to Fly Business Class!


Fantastic Finnair!

Finnair is one of the more underrated members of the OneWorld alliance.  I’ve now flown them over a dozen times, on a variety of aircraft, and always find them to be very consistent.   They are high quality airline and definitely worth considering when making European travel plans.

Finnair’s Cabin Crew

The thing I really love about Finnair is their cabin crew, who create an exceptionally welcoming environment. They have a combination of crew from Finland and from other locations in their network.  On a flight from Bangkok to Helsinki, half the crew would be Thai and the other half would be Scandinavian.

The cabin crew genuinely care about your comfort and are amazing at providing excellent service, especially during meal times.  They are also very attentive, providing regular top-ups for your drinks.  They truly aim to make sure that you really enjoy your travel experience with them.

Cabin Configuration

The Finnair A330 cabin has a very interesting layout.  On the left-hand side of the plane, seats alternate in a 2-1-2 configuration.  In the middle of the aircraft the seats alternate again, but with two seats close together and then two seats further apart.  On the right-hand side of the plane there’s a single row with seats alternating again, one close to the window and then one closer to the aisle.

Seats and Storage

On this flight I was with Finnair from New York ’s JFK to Helsinki. Although this aircraft is not as modern as their A350, which they fly on the majority of their long haul routes, it’s still very comfortable.

I was fortunate to have been able to select the business class seat commonly referred to as the throne seat.  This seat is available in rows 2, 4, 6 and 8, and has a window on one side and the aisle on the other.  On both sides you get bench tops with luxurious amounts of storage. The seat is extremely comfortable and it has so much of space!

The seats on Finnair’s A330 do completely recline into a fully flatbed, which is something we are all looking for in a business class seat.  They have good accessibility to things like the lights and power, which is always important.  You also have ample room for your feet in the seat’s lie flat position.

The seat controls were easy to use, which made getting comfortable on this long flight much easier. I found I was comfortable in any of the seat’s positions, which doesn’t always happen as I am quite tall.

The seat has a built-in massage function, nice one Finnair!  It also has international power plugs plus USB.  This makes it very easy to charge multiple devices.

Entertainment and Amenities

On arrival at my seat I found it was well presented with a beautiful cushion in Finnair’s unique design. An amenities kit and some comfy slippers were also provided.  I find Finnair’s amenities bags very useful. I have used one of them on many of my trips to store my personal items like my phone, my wallet, and my passport.  It then makes it very easy to access these things when I need them.

Finnair’s inflight entertainment system is excellent.  It has a large screen, which is easily accessible.  To top off the super entertainment system they also provide a noise cancelling headphone set.  This amps up the enjoyment level as there are no distractions or interruptions!

I was welcomed again by the cabin crew once I was seated.  They offered a welcome drink of water, juice or champagne.  Of course I chose the champagne, which on this flight was the Joseph Perrier Cuveé Royal Brut and it was excellent as always.

The Finnair Dining Experience

This Finnair flight left in the late afternoon and was an eight hour flight to Europe.  With the time difference it arrived in Helsinki in the early morning. 

Shortly after take off dinner was served, which is helpful if you aim to rest, relax or work for the majority of the flight. Dinner started with the amuse bouche which was a beef teriyaki skewer.  I complemented this with a glass of an excellent French red, La Reserve D’Angludet.

For the main course there was a choice of three options.  I went for the braised veal cheek, which is served with parsley potato mash, mushrooms and broccoli.  The other options were roasted cod loin with sweet potato purée, or spinach ravioli. 

The meal is served all on one tray and the main course is accompanied by cheese and salad.  Finnair always tries to get through the meal service as quickly as possible, to give you the maximum amount  of sleep, relaxation, or work time.  For lots of travellers this is an highly appreciated aspect of their cabin service.

There’s a breakfast service available however you can opt out, which I did so as to maximise my sleep. I was arriving into Helsinki in the morning where I knew I would have time to go to the lounge for breakfast.

Sleeping on Finnair

The bed in the fully flat position was very comfortable.  I do, however, think in the throne seats it is a little restrictive around the shoulders.  There is plenty of legroom though.  It may not be as restrictive in the other seats because there’s more space on either side of the seat.

The cabin temperature is always very comfortable on Finnair planes.  It’s cool enough to snuggle down under their beautiful bedding and get a really good sleep.



Arrival into Helsinki is always smooth. It is an excellent airport with one terminal where it’s very easy to transit from one flight to another.  The minimum transit time is only 40 minutes, however, I had much more time as I was transferring onto an internal European flight.

Read our review of the Finnair Lounge in Helsinki, Are You Missing Out on This Luxury Lounge in Helsinki?, for all the details about transiting with Finnair.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

We love flying Finnair! We’ve found they have an excellent network with many desirable destinations. Their flights are priced very well for business class, and as OneWorld frequent flyers, of course we are able to attain points and status credits.

The A350 is their most common aircraft and it’s the one to pick because it is much more comfortable, with the 1-2-1 configuration.  However, their A330 in business class was certainly comfortable enough for my flight to Europe. 

We highly recommend Finnair to anyone travelling on business to Europe especially if you are looking for any easy, smooth transit hub.


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