6 Reasons to Love the LATAM Lounge in Santiago!


1. It’s a very stylish, high-end space with many different options for where to sit and relax.

This is a really large lounge, spread over several floors, at one of LATAM’s major hubs. As a result of its location I imagine it gets a lot of traffic.  However, with the many differently designed seating areas, catering to groups of various sizes, it never felt crowded.

Great design job LATAM!

2. Upstairs there’s a quieter area with some lovely places where you can work or relax before your flight.

As the upstairs part of the LATAM lounge attracts fewer people, this is a great spot to spend your time.  Especially with a group of friends over a glass of Chilean red wine. This part of the lounge is colourful and inviting with an atrium view down into the main part of the lounge.

Especially relevant if people watching is high on your list for airport lounge activities.

3. The LATAM Lounge is a wine lovers heaven!

There is a great selection of drinks to choose from, including a large selection of spirits, white and red wine, and champagne. It is a wonderful thing to see an airport lounge catering to a myriad of tastes when it comes to an alcoholic beverage.

Particularly pleasing to see was the quality of the wine offer, with many excellent Latin American brands available, particularly from Chile and Argentina. Great job LATAM!

4. The food is amazing!

We highly recommend the cheese platters that can be accompanied by the great South American red wines available.

With food options being located on both floors, there was an excellent, varied selection available for travellers. On offer was everything from a hot meal, snacks and nibbles, wonderful platters of cheese, nuts and fruit, to rolls, empanadas and brownies.

There were several excellent coffee machines making a mean cappuccino. 

This LATAM lounge offered something for every taste.

5.  There are plenty of places to plug in your devices.

Finally a lounge that nails this for travellers!

It really amazes me when I enter a high quality business class lounge and find limited places to charge my devices. I travel with two laptops, an iPad and my iPhone, so I often use lounge time to charge up before flights.

This is a major design consideration for new lounges.  The airlines that really do this well, like Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways, always get my business. LATAM now joins that list!

6.  The lounge offers a range of different entertainment and relaxation zones, including a kid’s play zone and a sleeping room.

Large lounges have the space to provide different entertainment options for their guests. With many people travelling with children, it certainly can make any layover more enjoyable for everyone, when there are areas to keep them happy.

Another aspect I’d love to see more of is sleeping areas. Longer layovers are becoming more common.  The ability to have a nap, without having to check in to a hotel or leave the airport, gets my vote.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

If you are travelling via Santiago on a OneWorld alliance airline then this LATAM lounge is definitely worth a visit.  You will get the best out of it if you are there for a couple of hours, so you can try the amazing food and wine available.  Taking advantage of the quieter upstairs area is also worthwhile.

If you have a lengthy layover then take advantage of the sleeping room before your next flight.

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