The SilverKris Lounge Singapore and Why to Avoid it!


Knowing the high quality that Singapore Airlines puts into all of its products, my expectations going into this lounge were very high. The SilverKris lounge in Singapore is their premium business class and first class offering.  It is open only to travellers in those two classes, as well as PPS card holders.

Singapore Airlines offers a separate gold level lounge for Star Alliance members, called KrisFlyer Gold, for members travelling from Changi Airport.  I expected this separation of lounge offerings would mean the SilverKris lounge would be a high-end space, that offered a less crowded, more upmarket option for business and first class travellers compared to the KrisFlyer gold lounge.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement!  In reality this was an extremely busy place and lacked a range of what I would consider essential features that make a lounge stand out among competitor business class lounge offerings.

At arrival you are greeted warmly in true Singapore Airlines style at the entrance, which does look luxurious and sets an inviting tone on first blush. There is a separate section for first class passengers to the right and business class passengers are directed to the left.

The lounge is extensive, which I wasn’t expecting, and it’s layout proved difficult to navigate. There were many different sections with seating but when I was there it was inundated with people, making find a space an unwanted challenge!

Finding a spot to sit down wasn’t easy because of the overcrowding but also due the seating, which was largely arranged in small groups of lounges generally with 2 or 4 chairs together. 

As an individual traveller I found it difficult to find a space with a little bit of privacy. I certainly wasn’t the only one with that issue!  

Once I managed to find a seat, the next thing I wanted to do was to check out the buffet and drink options. There was no serviced bar, which I felt was a missed opportunity for Singapore Airlines to showcase a first class level of service.

There was a small self-service area that offered a small selection of spirits, and red and white wine. Champagne was not on display but there was a sign saying that you could ask a staff member for it, which is a wholly inadequate system given that lounge staff were extremely busy. They did have beer on tap, which was a nice feature.

One of the other downsides of the design of this lounge is the lack of power outlets in the seating areas. I couldn’t find anywhere close by to charge my devices, which was exceptionally frustrating.

I noticed most of the people around me were also struggling to find power outlets, although some did unplug lamps and use those plugs to charge their computers or phones. This is a serious problem in a modern, high-end lounge because now, more than ever, they need to be setup so that business travellers are able to work before getting on their flight.

I also wasn’t overly impressed with the buffet offering. There was a range of Western and Asian food, though it was clearly needing very regular replenishment with the large number of people using the space.  It’s never a good look for a premium lounge to be running low on food at the buffet!

I decided to wait until I was on board my Singapore Airlines Business Class flight to eat.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

The greatest challenge this lounge has is the sheer number of people using it. For a dedicated business class space, not open to Star Alliance gold members, this was a real issue and extremely off putting for travellers.

It was hard to find a seat, charge a device, get a drink, or find something to eat. This is not what one expects to find in a well appointed, premium lounge in Singapore Airlines’ home city.

In peak hours, this is a lounge to be avoided.

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