How Buying a ‘Round the World’ Fare Will Save You Money!


As business class travel becomes more affordable, travellers are looking for the best airlines to fly, at the cheapest prices, with the best airline product to enjoy.  Due to this increased demand, airlines that offer business class have become very competitive with their offer, although from some destinations business class flights are still extremely expensive.  That’s where we can help you out!

We all want a business class product that has a fully flat bed with direct aisle access, as well as excellent food and wine, outstanding service, and at an affordable price!   Are you with me?!

Qantas A380

When planning any trip it is really important to remember that the cost of any class of ticket is always based on the airport you are departing from. I’m currently based in Australia and often fly to London , so if I’m departing from Brisbane to London Heathrow a return business class flight will cost over $6000AUD.

When I lived in Singapore and needed to fly to the UK, incredibly there was not much difference between the cost of the fare from Singapore and that from Australia.  The business class fares departing Singapore were often over $6000SGD as well, even though the flight time was more than 7 hours less that a departure from Australia!

Look out for an upcoming post about how I was able to get super cheap business class flights from Asia, simply by choosing a different departure city like Kuala Lumpur , Bangkok or Colombo.

Map Asia

So why should you consider booking a round the world fare instead of a return business class fare?  Because in certain circumstances in makes good financial sense (we all love to save money!)

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples to illustrate what I mean.

First is a Sydney to London Heathrow return business class flight.  On Google flights  (where we search for most of our flights because they have the best variety, availability and pricing) you see the range of business class flights offered. 

In the image below you can see the prices ranging  from $6046AUD to $8023AUD, and went all the way to $21,000AUD – which is totally crazy!

Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.29.00Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.29.24

Below I have provided another example, this time from New York to Paris return in business class. You can see this time the price range is from $2350AUD to $3101AUD.

Pricing topped out on this flight sector at a ridiculous $12,000AUD!

Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.52.21Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.52.46

Finally, a third example from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires is detailed in the image below with prices ranging from $6360 AUD to $6683AUD. 

Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.58.34

Screenshot 2017-11-05 15.59.13

Through these three examples, it is easy to see that just  by taking one of the example return flights, which will only get you there and back, you are still spending a considerable amount of money.

Why not be a bit more creative with your travel planning and consider buying a round the world ticket?  Here’s why you should…

Business traveller 2

In part three of this four part series on round the world trips, I looked at the easiest way to buy an around the world ticket.  The pricing for the round the world fare I quoted in that post, ranged from $6197AUD with Swiss Airlines to $10,394AUD with the Qantas. You may like to read that post as well to get a fuller understanding of the pricing for round the world tickets.

Now we know better than most, that when we are travelling for business we often suffer from lack of time.  This could manifest in a general limited time to arrive at a destination, or be due to the need to be in certain places at certain times for meetings, conferences etc.  In these instances buying a return direct flight will likely be your best option.

However, it you have a bit of flexibility and you don’t mind taking a day or two extra to get somewhere, then a round the world ticket is a perfect way to get where you’re going.  It also makes it super easy to add a couple of days of vacation time into your trip, which makes a round the world ticket even better value for money.

SQ takeoff A380

I find it liberating to think of it as creative flight planning!

Let’s use the three examples I’ve shown you in this post so far and try them as a round the world fare.

The first example I gave was a trip from Australia to the UK. If I book this trip as a round the world ticket instead,  I can add stops in Asia and the Middle East at a minimum, and I could also return via the United States if I had the time.

The ticket and the route would then look more like this.

round-the-world-map-itinerary-one-worldPricing for this business class round the world fare will vary based on departure date and exact route, but a good estimation would be around the $8000AUD mark.  Not far off the return business class fare of $6046AUD to $8023AUD.

The second example was from the US through to Europe to Paris.  To compare it with a round the world fare, I keep those sectors and add a couple of extra stops in Europe and the United States, before and after that trip.  I also decide that I want to have some vacation time, travelling from Paris to Bangkok, so that we can take a holiday in Thailand.

Below is an image of what this round the world route would look like. With the price ranging from $3909USD to $5118USD, this fare type is definitely worth considering.  Especially when we remember that the New York to Paris return flight was between $1793USD to $2366USD.

Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.53.42Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.53.55Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.54.11(Prices in USD)

The third route example was travelling from Asia to South America. Now South America is on many people’s wish list of dream holiday destinations, but it is one of those hard to get to, out-of-the-way places from much of the world.

What better way to include some time in Santiago, Lima or Rio than by turning a business class trip into a visit to new and exotic locations that you’ve longed to visit!?! 

An example of the route that I would love to do is below. The Hong Kong to Santiago return flight was priced between $6360AUD to $6683AUD, but the round the world fare is only $6857USD ($8987AUD). 

What do you think?

Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.49.26Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.52.36

(Prices in USD)

Expert Traveller Recommends….

We know that travelling on round the world fares is not going to suit everybody, and not every business trip.  However when you compare pricing and add that to what you get for your money, you can clearly see that thinking in a different way can pay dividends personally and professionally.

A round the world ticket has the distinct advantage of letting you see more of our amazing world, without it hitting your hip pocket too hard.

You may want to consider this next time you need to travel for work, and add some vacation time to your trip allowing you to experience some amazing destinations before, during, or after the work element.

We also recommend round the world fares for personal travel.  If you have a number of places you want to visit you can really get excellent value out of this type of fare.

You can take as little or as much time as you want on a round the world ticket, especially because it has the flexibility to allow the inclusion of land based, sea based, or internal flights on each continent. You can open jaw round the world tickets as well, which is awesome, meaning you can fly in to one location and out of another on the same continent.

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      It’s a great plan for retirement – you’ll get so much more travel for your money if you book round the world fares. Not to mention that the more time you have, the better! We’ve used these fares for holidays as well, where we wanted to see several places, which worked out much more cost effective than any other way to book them.

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