You Won’t Be Able to Resist the Qantas Lounge Singapore After You Read This!


Many airlines concentrate on getting their home based lounges right. Not many really get it right in their overseas locations. Qantas has worked hard to be a leader in this space. With outstanding lounges in Hong Kong , Los Angeles, and Singapore you can be assured of a classy and well thought out lounge experience when travelling with Qantas overseas.


The Qantas Singapore Lounge is outstanding in size, quality and service. The lounge is located one floor up from the main concourse and nearby to the British Airways Lounge.

It was designed as a lounge for both business and first class passengers and is open to Qantas Gold and above members (Oneworld Sapphire and above).

Upon arrival at the lounge you are greeted by a stylish reception area with exceptionally welcoming staff. Once past this point you enter the lounge proper, which is extremely spacious with a large variety of different areas to work, rest and relax in. 

check in

Straight ahead after the entrance you will find the main, full service, bar although there are also multiple self-service areas, as well as staff wandering the lounge and providing table service.

The staff in this lounge are exceptional and hail from the Sofitel, so they are very well trained. They remember guests and are genuinely delighted to see you back.  A really special touch!


If you turn left at the bar you have a wide range of seating options to choose from including seats overlooking the check-in area. There are also lounges with large screen TV viewing areas, and long tables to work at or share with others.


Further around the corner is an area reserved for Platinum (OneWorld Emerald) frequent flyers. I love the individual seats in this area which have individual power for charging your devices. It’s close to a self-service bar and the staff are exceptionally attentive.

One lovely feature is that in the evening wait staff come around with a trolley offering food, when I was there the offer was truffle fries.  Often you will also see bar staff with a tray of cocktails as well.  I find this to be a genuinely lovely touch, adding to the overall standard of service in the lounge.


seating 2

Past the main bar is a large, elegant dining room. Qantas have partnered with Neil Perry to provide his Spice Temple inspired dishes and signature cocktails, in a sit down dining experience not to be missed.  It’s an absolute delight! 

You can choose to sit at small tables for two, long tables to share, or the high bar. Full table service is provided by the wait staff and there is a regularly changing menu on offer.

I had the Pork Sang Choi Bow with rice, cashews and water chestnuts.


There is also a self-service buffet with both hot and cold offerings as well as desserts. They even offered an Asian inspired Lamington!

Fresh salads and fresh fruit are well displayed and always available.

Further through the lounge are the shower suites. These are well set up and there are a large number available for guest use. Aspar bath and beauty products are provided for guests.

Expert Traveller Recommends …

This is a large, stylish lounge providing something for everyone. The staff are fantastic and I always feel like I am coming home when I enter. Definitely a welcoming place to spend a few hours before your flight.

It is busy in the evening when most flights to Australia depart from Singapore, nonetheless it is a lovely place to relax before your onward journey.

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