What You Should Know About the Miracle Business Class Lounge Bangkok

PINTREST - What You Should Know About the Miracle Business Class Lounge Bangkok

Finnair in Bangkok uses a lounge called the Miracle Business Class lounge. At check-in you’re given a voucher and directions to the lounge. My first thoughts were that as this was a contract lounge, it certainly wouldn’t be as good as the Cathay Pacific lounge, however I was very presently surprised.

Miracle has two lounges in Bangkok –  the first class lounge and the business class lounge a little further along the corridor. Do make sure you are aware of which lounge you are entitled to use. As a Finnair business class passenger I was entitled to use the business class lounge. No airline status is taken into consideration for lounge access so even though I have Oneworld Emerald status, I did not have access to the first class lounge.

Upon entering the lounge I was very warmly greeted by the reception staff who not only welcomed me but gave me a bit of a rundown of the layout of the lounge and really made me feel welcomed. This was a lovely surprise for a contract lounge and a nice way to start my visit.

As you enter the lounge, to the right there’s a large open area which is mostly seating –  with a range of sofas, tables and chairs.  The buffet dining area is located there also. 

lounge view

On the far side of this area is a small help yourself bar with a range of spirits and liqueurs as well as wine, beer, and soft drink. As an added bonus, ice cream was also available. 

The food selection didn’t really look very inviting, but it was the morning, so the offering was largely an assortment of breakfast foods and pastries. There was a range of hot foods, including tuna pimiento puffs, spinach puffs, curry chicken puffs, and some chicken sausage rolls.  As well as soup and standard breakfast fare including fried eggs and chicken sausages, as well as salad items, sandwiches, danishes and fruit.

As you leave the dining area and venture further along the length of the lounge there are a wide range of different seating areas, including seating areas for groups of four and comfortable leather chairs for two. There are also some smaller, high tables for two people. A range of different lighting was provided giving an ambience that was quite inviting. There were shower rooms in this lounge and although they were fairly basic, they were functional.


There was also a small business centre with a couple of laptops set up on high benches. Wi-Fi was available and quite fast.

business Centre

Expert Traveller Recommends…

The Miracle Business Class lounge surprised me, in that it was much nicer than I was expecting for a contract lounge. There were lots of different seating areas and plenty of space. I didn’t find the buffet very inviting but this lounge does have showers and fast internet, so it’s well worth stopping by on the way to your flight if your airline is using this contract facility.



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