We Checked Out the Cathay Pacific Bangkok Airport Lounge.  Here’s What We Found.

PINTREST - We Checked Out the Cathay Pacific Bangkok Airport Lounge. Here's What We Found.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is a very large airport. It has quite a few different lounge offerings depending on the airline you’re flying. I was flying Finnair business class to Helsinki therefore I was entitled to visit any one of the Oneworld alliance business class lounges.

The Cathay Pacific lounge in Bangkok was opened in June 2015 and is state-of-the-art. It is set up in the same sort of style as their other new lounges in London and Manila, as well as some of their business class lounges in Hong Kong . It’s a very long narrow lounge with two ends providing quite different experiences.

If you turn right when you enter, you’ll find numerous comfortable seating areas including lounge areas, the business centre, and the full bar. If you go left on entry you head towards the dining end of the lounge.

In the dining are there are two options. One being a self-service bakery and breakfast area with some standup tables for coffee and a pastry. The other is the dining room with a range of sit down tables and chairs, the buffet, as well as the noodle bar – a CX favourite.

noodle bar

As I was on an early morning flight, the lounge was quite empty and so I headed firstly to the lounge areas. There was a wide variety of seating including comfortable single seaters, sofas, and recliners near the windows. One of the best things about these new Cathay Pacific lounges is that there is an abundance of power outlets; with many of the tables now having a pull down access point to access power, including USB and international plugs. This is fantastic for charging multiple devices.

There is a small business centre with some iMacs available if you don’t have your own device. There is also access to printers, but I found the printer complex to use and I was not able to print what I required on that day.

business centre

When I felt hungry I firstly head down to the bar area, where there was a range of pastries and croissants to help myself to. There is a full bar of course, where everything from a cappuccino through to a glass of champagne can be made by the bartender.

Further along in the pantry there are salads, fruit, cheeses, cold meats, as well as cereals to help yourself to. I found this area to be very quiet as it’s mostly a stand up area.  There were some high stools at the counter near the window, which is where I sat and had a coffee.

Further along in the lounge is the full dining room. There are a range of booths for two, as well as a very long table for larger groups. In the dining room is the noodle bar which is a wonderful Cathay Pacific concept. It is available throughout the day offering a range of made to order noodle dishes, Yum Cha and other dishes such as eggs.

The booths by the window were my pick. You can also order and take away food from this area and sit anywhere within the lounge. This is great if you’re more comfortable sitting in a chair, relaxing by the window.

Expert Traveller recommends…

The Cathay Pacific Bangkok Lounge is an inviting space to spend an hour before your flight. The only downside I can see is the lack of showers, although I was pointed in the direction of a nearby lounge where I was able to access and use the shower facilities.



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