11 Reasons Why I’m Flying ‘Round The World’ in 11 Days

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1. I’m crazy about travel and the concept of flying round the world (RTW) really excites me. The idea that I can jump on plane after plane after plane, completing a circumnavigation of the globe, pushes all my travel buttons!

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2. Long plane trips seriously interest me.  I know it might seem strange, but it’s true!  Being able to fly right across the Pacific, then over the Atlantic, and finally from Europe to Asia and back to Australia – Wow! The whole idea just captivates me. Taking long flights of 10-12 hours of flying – pick me!!


3. I love the Oneworld alliance and they have some amazing airlines to fly – Qantas, LATAM, Finnair and Cathay Pacific; all of which I am flying on this trip. Flying wonderful airlines is another reason to fly round the world, and to just travel in general.


4. The journey is as good as the destination! For me flying business or first class is a really pleasurable experience – the wine, the service, the food, and the flatbed – all sensational reasons to be travelling and experience all that this kind of travel has to offer.


5. When I was planning the Round The World trip I asked myself  – What are the must see destinations?  I wanted to include two cities that could be categorised as world tourist hot spots.  I choose New York , which I have visited many times and it never ceases to amaze; and Paris , which is a gorgeous place to be pretty much all year round. I lived in South America for four years, and I have been keen to go back for a while, so Santiago seemed a shoe-in for my list.  The fact that Qantas has a direct flight to Santiago from Australia was a deal sealer!


6. I wanted to try a new aircraft on this trip, as well as some of my old favourites. I was interested in flying LATAM’s 787 Dreamliner from Santiago to New York, so I added the leg and that ticked the new aircraft box. I also wanted to include Finnair’s A350 so I’m flying on that from Helsinki to Hong Kong .  Of course I love Qantas’ 747s and I was very keen to try the 747 Upper Deck; to see firsthand what that intimate experience is like.


7. When choosing my Round The World ticket I was looking for maximum flexibility. I  wanted airlines that I knew were reliable and were well priced. My decision to purchase the Finnair RTW ticket gave me access to great Oneworld airlines, including Finnair flights, and was definitely the most cost-effective option available.

8. I had tight travel dates, as I had to squeeze this trip in between two other work related trips, so getting the dates I wanted was important and this ticket made that task super easy.

9. I’m a Oneworld Emerald frequent-flyer with my Qantas Platinum status. Keeping this is important to me because I value all of the additional benefits it affords me when I travel. I’m more than halfway through my membership year and I need to re-qualify. I still had quite a few more status credits to get before I would be able retain that status. So an around the world trip like this helps enormously with that. This trip will give me more than enough status credits to re-qualify for Qantas Platinum. Once you have it you never want to lose it!


10. As well as loving flying great airlines I also thoroughly enjoy staying in fantastic hotels. Don’t we all!  I was able to choose several top quality hotels in all three of my overnight locations, which I thought you might enjoy reading about. In Santiago I’m staying at the Icon Hotel, a brand new hotel which has just had its soft opening. In New York I’ve chosen the Belvedere Hotel, which is in a sort-after Midtown location, not far from Central Park. When I am in Paris I will be enjoying the Juliana Hotel, which has a roof terrace and a view of the Eiffel Tower. I simply can’t wait to share what these great hotels are like so you can decide if they should make it onto your travel wish list.


11.  Finally, why would I want to travel around the world in 11 days? Simply to have fun! I love life, I love the journey, and I love travelling. Plus I love sharing it with others, so I hope you get a lot of pleasure out of following me as I go around the world. I’ll be sharing everything on the blog and in our social media so do follow along.



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