London Heathrow Layover – Sheraton Skyline Hotel


London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and with many travellers transiting through the airport from one flight to another, often an overnight stay is required. I’ve often flown in and out of Heathrow with early morning departures so I find it very convenient to stay at one of the Heathrow area hotels. There is a huge variety of hotels, including offerings from all the major hotel groups, as well as independent operators. Some hotels are attached to the terminals and others are situated in the Bath Road area, which is very close by.

The Sheraton Skyline Hotel is situated in the Bath Road area. The Bath Road hotels are easily accessed using the Hotel Hoppa shuttle bus.  From terminal three, where I landed, the bus service departs from a bus bay which is located near the Emirates chauffeur drive service.  The bus bay is very clearly sign posted and easy to find. One way tickets are 5 pounds and return is 9 pounds. The hotel will have a timetable so that you know what time you need to come back to the airport for your morning flight, however they do run very regularly.

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The Sheraton Skyline Hotel is an older hotel, although it has been recently renovated inside. Rooms are well decorated and have quite a nice look to them, with wooden framed beds and elegant bathrooms.  I booked a king room and the room was well set up with a large bed with a wooden bedhead and base; an arm chair with a footstool and a good reading lamp behind it; as well as a large wooden writing desk for setting up your laptop.

The room had everything you need for a short overnight stay, including tea and coffee making facilities; a small mini bar with a range of spirits, chocolates and soft drinks; and wine glasses were also provided. The hotel also has a bar and a club lounge but I didn’t get to try those on this trip – perhaps next time.

My room had a view inward and looked down into the area where the pool was, which interestingly looked as though it was outdoors but was, in reality, underneath a perspex roof. It’s unusual to find a hotel with a pool in the Heathrow area and it’s quite a nice option to have, even if you just sit in the leafy beer garden by the pool and have a quiet drink. After 5pm everyday it’s happy hour, which makes it even better! There’s also a table tennis table and a Starbucks with an outdoor area to enjoy, if it’s not too cold.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

What better way to reduce your jet lag than by sitting by the pool at the Sheraton Skyline at London Heathrow, giving you a hotel choice that is a little bit different from everything else on offer at Heathrow, and providing a nice change of scenery to enjoy before your next flight.

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