History and Class On Show – Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore


The Goodwood Park Hotel is a beautiful and historic hotel right in the centre of Singapore . Singapore has an oversupply of luxury hotels with all the big brands available For something a little different though I decided to try this landmark hotel and I was very well rewarded.


The hotel was built in 1900 and began its life as the Teutonia Club – an elite enclave for the expatriate German community in Singapore. In 1918, three Jewish brothers by the family name of Manasseh, bought the property and renamed it Goodwood Hall after the famous Goodwood Racecourse in England. In 1929, the Manasseh family turned Goodwood Hall into the Goodwood Park Hotel, catering to travelling businessmen from Malaya.

The hotel became one of the best-known hotels at the end of the 1930s. Amongst other noted guests from that period, were the Duke of Windsor, and the Prince of Wales. Its rich tradition and splendour live on and it is only rivalled in Singapore by the very famous Raffles.

IMG_0909I arrived at the hotel by taxi from the airport, which is an easy 30 minute drive. I was greeted initially by the doorman who was very friendly and welcoming.  He guided me inside to the reception desk where I was served straight away. The minute you walk in through the beautiful front doors you know you are entering a very special hotel, where every guest is made to feel as special as the hotel.

IMG_0904I was quickly checked in and off to discover my room – a Deluxe King Room. It was spacious and beautifully decorated in keeping with the style throughout the entire hotel. There was a lovely view from the room of the tropical gardens that Singapore is so well known for.

The room was well appointed with the king bed in the centre of the room, with a workspace to one side and a couple of chairs to relax in near the balcony.



The grounds of the hotel and common spaces were all beautifully appointed making this an ideal hotel to spend some time in. As any travelling business professional knows, finding useful and relaxing spaces outside your room can sometimes be a challenge, but Goodwood Park has many of these spaces to sit, work, read or relax in.

There was a boutique restaurant offering a wide variety of choices, perfect for an intimate dinner.


In a lush, green tropical setting you will find the outdoor pool, a very interesting museum, as well as several lounge areas, and a small bar.


pool lounge

Afternoon tea is served in the lobby from 3pm and during the service time, it was extremely popular.

lobby loungepool and patio

Expert Traveller Recommends…

For a truly different hotel experience, with a genuine touch of class, I highly recommend a stay in this historic but well appointed hotel. Take time to wander the corridors and grounds and take in the history. Give yourself an afternoon off and have afternoon tea, or sit by the pool with your favourite book. This hotel is experience and a reminder of the days of long ago when travel really was an experience largely for the rich and famous.



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