A True Premium Experience – Qantas Domestic Lounge Brisbane


Entry to the airport proper, and access to check-in, bag drop facilities, and premium lounges, for Platinum One and Platinum frequent flyers, at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal, is via a dedicated, private entry way.  The access point for use when accessing these facilities can be found at the far end of the domestic terminal in the Qantas (and OneWorld alliance partners) area.

Once we passed through the private entry we were warmly welcomed by Qantas staff who facilitated our bag drop very easily and quickly, with absolutely no waiting.


imageA quick scan of my frequent flyer card and our bag was on its way to the flight and we were passing through to the dedicated security check area.  Once again there was no waiting or lines of any kind, which made the security process super quick and easy.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the airport we had dropped our bags for the flight, passed through security, even with a ‘random’ explosives check, and were at the doors of the Qantas Premium Lounge.

The lounge entry is quickly reached via escalator or elevator, one floor up from the dedicated security check and bag drop area.  At the top of the escalator there are a series of desks with Qantas lounge staff awaiting your arrival and keen to offer any assistance that a traveller may need.  Several large flight status boards can also be found in this area.

BNE DOM 1ST LNG DEPT BOARDPremium lounge entry

As we arrived at the door of the Premium Lounge we were greeted very warmly again and welcomed to the lounge itself.  When we entered through the sliding door the aesthetics of the lounge, and its premium, executive feel, were instantly evident.

The subtle colour palette and plush furnishings, as well as the design and layout of the lounge, whisper gently of understated opulence; lulling wearied travellers into a relaxed state in moments.

If you are travelling for business purposes there are dedicated meeting rooms and work areas that can be accessed for meetings or tele/video conferencing.  Cleverly built into the design of the lounge is the ability to charge multiple devices at almost every seating area, including in the bar and restaurant areas, which makes working from anywhere in the lounge an absolute breeze.

There are a wide array of choices of seating and table areas designed to suit every kind of work or relaxation need.

For the thirsty traveller there are also a multitude of options.  Food and beverage staff are constantly roaming throughout the lounge, ready and willing to assist and take orders. However, if you’d like to find your own beverage then you have access to plenty of choices including –

  • A premium selection of teas with beautiful ceramic pots to make them in
  • The Quench Bar where you can make your own flavoured water or sparkling drink with a great range of premium flavourings on offer
  • A barista where all manner of iced and hot specialty coffees and chocolates are created with flair; with A2, lactose free, soy and almond milks all available
  • The long bar serving a very good selection of alcoholic beverages including a good range of quality wines and on-tap premium beers
  • A secluded, smaller bar area with bar stools as well as a large round table and chairs

Separated from the rest of the lounge by the strategic placement of planters, is the restaurant  area.  Food is self-service, which slightly diminishes the ‘premium’ nature of the lounge.   Speciality items can be ordered from the roving staff in the area but you need to know you can ask them.

The menu and food offerings are changed regularly throughout the day with different selections available at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between.  The premium lounge also offers a chef’s service area which provides freshly prepared meals from a small menu that also changes throughout the day.

When we were in the lounge the food was South American, with beef and black bean quesadillas and accompaniments on offer; well worth a try!

The self-service area was set up for lunch when we visited.  The focus was on salads, soups, and toasted sandwiches that could be made to order, or selected from pre-prepared versions, and heated to your liking in one of two large sandwich presses available for use.  There was also a selection of breads to choose from.

As a starter, you could make a plate of dips and pickled vegetables as you wished, with various crackers available to accompany your selection.  Following your main there was also a very small selection of cakes for those still hungry enough to need a finishing plate.

Fresh fruit was also available in plentiful supply for a fresh, healthier option.  More variety in terms of the food offer would have been nice to see, especially as this was the premium lounge offering.

Travellers with children, or those with food allergies to consider, may find their options quite restricted in this lounge.  The lounge food service staff were very willing to try to accommodate needs in these areas although they were at pains to ensure it was understood they could not ‘guarantee’ food served would be 100% allergen free.

Food and drinks can be consumed in any area of the lounge but if you prefer to eat at a dining table there are a number of options.  The lounge offers a long, wide, bench-style communal dining table centrally located in the restaurant area and close to the chef’s service area.  The table is elegantly set with muted placemats and stylish cutlery.  High, leather covered, cushioned bar stools work well with the high table and are comfortable to sit on.

Alternatively you can sit at round or square tables for between three and four people, also located in the central area of the restaurant, adjacent to the communal dining table. Restaurant table seating for individuals and people travelling in pairs are located along two edges of the restaurant area with soft bench seating on one side of the tables and cushioned wooden chairs on the other.

All of the dining room seating options are comfortable and stylish, so you can’t really go wrong no matter which dining seating you go for.

The Qantas Premium Lounge at Brisbane Domestic Airport is a stylish, comfortable way to spend your time before, or between, flights.  Whether you are working feverishly or relaxing on holiday, have only a few minutes, or can enjoy a lengthier stay, this lounge generally delivers.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

The barista coffees, the chef’s service area, and the comfortable individual lounge chairs with views to the tarmac and runways, are all worth testing out on a visit to this lounge. Make sure you arrive early enough so that you give yourself the chance to sample all of the delights of this lounge.  Bring along child or allergy friendly foods yourself if you are travelling with young, fussy eaters or have food allergies to consider.



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