The Qantas Club Experience – Adelaide Airport


Once you are through security at Adelaide’s domestic and international airport you are immediately greeted by a bright, vibrant arrivals and departures hall with plenty of signage and information to guide you. There is also an abundance of high quality outlets, eateries and boutique bars.

It is very straight forward to follow the signs from security to the Qantas (and OneWorld alliance partners) lounge.  The lounge is located in close proximity to all Qantas departure gates, making it a convenient location to await your flight.


As you enter the lounge through the sliding glass doors you are greeted by a group of friendly lounge staff who will check you into the lounge itself.  You can show your boarding pass, e-boarding pass, or frequent flyer card to gain entry.

As you pass the check-in area you immediately notice two large banners advertising two valuable features of the lounge. The first is the selection of private, screened meeting rooms that are available for use by lounge guests.

The meeting rooms have meeting style tables and chairs with teleconferencing facilities as well as charging points for devices.  Bookings can be made in advance of arrival by visiting Qantas Meeting Rooms.  Once you are in the lounge, you can approach the guest services desk staff to assist you should you wish to use a meeting room.


The second banner alerts visitors to the ability to pre-order coffees and hot drinks from the barista by using the skip app.  Skip allows you to pre-order one of the range of speciality coffees, hot chocolates, and teas available from the Qantas Club barista.

If you are on a short transit between flights this is a great way to avoid waiting.  Order your drink in the car on the way to the airport and collect once you arrive.  Perfect!

The first section of the lounge is dedicated to business travellers with the sectioned off meeting rooms along one wall, and a large open plan space containing a good selection of working areas and workstations making up the remainder.

Lounge guests can choose from an office style workstation with desk phones; iMac benches with leather-covered stools; or communal, double-sided workbenches with leather covered, cushioned stools. Each of these choices has multiple charging points that are easily accessible.

Bordering the eatery area are also two other communal workbenches, however these have their charging points in difficult to access areas, making it necessary to get down on all fours to access them.

Having recently visited a number of Qantas Premium Lounges, I expected there to be a more limited range of food and drinks in this Qantas Club lounge.   I was pleasantly surprised however, to find so many different food and drink offerings available in the lounge.

The eatery area is of a good size with a number of seating options.  You can select from long, communal high tables with padded leather barstool style chairs paired with them. Also available are two seater beech coloured, wooden cafe style tables with matching chairs.

Most of the cafe tables have three chairs at them, however if you are going to eat a meal, these tables are too small for three people; we struggled with two people with small plates and a drink each.  Groups larger than two would be better situated at the communal dining tables.

The eatery’s food selection though was very good.  We were in the lounge over lunch time and into the afternoon.  The food selection is set out on a long, self-service food bar. A menu is on display and gluten free options were marked for guests.

When we there, there were two hot lunch dishes; an asian chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice and a penne pasta with a cauliflower and cheese sauce and fresh grated parmesan.  A range of soups, salads, meats, pickles, cheeses and breads were readily available, fresh and presented in an appetising way.  Toasters and sandwich presses were also available to make your own hot option.

At the end of the food service bar there is a separate, small dessert and fruit service area. Today there were fresh profiteroles, which could be topped with hot chocolate sauce; bitesized banana cake; cut, fresh fruit; whole fresh fruit; and chocolate fondue with dipping sticks for use with marshmallows. Baskets of oranges and apples were also available above the larger food service area.

Thirsty travellers will not be disappointed in the Adelaide Qantas lounge! There are a number of self-service drinks areas located throughout the lounge; one large one near the eatery area and a number of smaller ones strategically placed around the lounge.

At these stations guests can help themselves to filtered water, on tap fruit juices, soft-drinks (soda), teas and coffees.  These self-service areas also include large mason-style jars of jelly beans, liquorice all-sorts, and a selection of sweet biscuits.

Self serve drinks bar

The lounge also contains a full service bar with a wide selection of on-tap and bottled beers, as well as a selection of wine and sparkling wine.  Guests have the option to help themselves to wine at the self-service area at the end of the bar or they may choose to use the services of the bar staff.

For those wanting something outside of wine and beer there are a variety of mixed drinks and liqueurs available.  The bar has a number of mason jars containing savoury bar snacks on its ends, from which patrons can help themselves.

Seating in the bar area is excellent.  Guests have the option of leather covered bar stools and tables; large round cafe style tables that seat six; and leather bench seats with armchairs and tables.

The Qantas Adelaide lounge is a large, stylishly decorated space with an extensive selection of relaxed seating areas.  You will not find it difficult to locate the kind of seating area you are looking for.  Choices are stylish, in a muted palette, with a mix of leather and fabric, and bench style and individual seating.

Whether you are an individual traveller, in a small group, or travelling en masse, you will find seating to suit in the Qantas Adelaide lounge.  Of particular note is a designated wheelchair accessible seating area with higher tables for ease of use by wheelchair users.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

If you are planning to use the meeting rooms within the club, book ahead using this link. This will ensure that you are not disappointed upon arrival.  Try out the new skip pre-ordering hot drink app if you are short of time and simply pick up your drink when you arrive in the lounge.

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