Auckland for the Day – Emirates A380 Business Class

Shortly into the boarding process it became abundantly clear that there were not going to be many business class passengers on board this morning. We had a young honeymoon couple, several retired couples, and business travellers like myself. There was plenty of space to spread out and relax on this short two hour forty minute flight, which in actuality was much shorter today than scheduled; so a speedy trip across the Tasman.

I had chosen seat 16A, a window seat on the left hand side of the aircraft. Emirates A380 business class is set out in a 1-2-1 layout with window seats alternating in a closer to the window or closer to the aisle format.

My seat was closer to the window which gave me that little bit of extra privacy. I couldn’t really see anyone from my seat, which was very nice.  However the aisle seat across from me, seat 15D, if occupied would have been in full sight as it was also closer to the aisle. The window seats are ideal if traveling alone.

People travelling in pairs should choose two middle seats, which also alternate between being close to each other or separate.  The honeymoon couple had a selected two seats close together, suiting them as they celebrated the start of their life together.

My flight had a very friendly crew on board, made up of 14 nationalities and speaking 18 languages.  Emirates celebrates diversity thought its hiring policies, and this is a model that more airlines easily could adopt. Having a range of languages and nationalities in the crew helps people from all over the world feel at home.

Emirates bus Class champagne

I was offered champagne, orange juice or water plus a hot towel soon after being seated. This was followed by the menus being  given out  – for this flight it was breakfast.

On my business class seat was a full blanket and large pillow although I wouldn’t need them on a the short flight this morning.

Emirates bus Class menu

Meal orders were taken before take off and a freshly opened bottle of champagne was offered immediately after the seat belt sign was turned.  You could really see the Emirates’ award winning service this morning. As the flight was so empty, each crew member spent time talking to passengers and they seemed to be enjoying the flight as much as I was.

During the flight I also took the opportunity to view the top deck of this beautiful A380, which is a must see for all travellers on an Emirates A380.

The Business class Bar, also situated on the upper deck, was fully operational about 20 minutes into the flight.  This meant that before 9am the bar was open and staffed with a bartender, ready and willing to create your drink of choice.

business Class bar

The cabin was spacious and felt very open and inviting, especially with so few people on board.

Breakfast was served less then an hour into the flight. I elected to have the omelette with asparagus.  I paired that with fresh fruit and pastries, finishing with a freshly made cappuccino.  Breakfast was finished, and our tables were cleared, an hour and a half into the flight.  Again displaying the award winning cabin service that Emirates are renowned for.

Emirates bus Class pastries

The inflight entertainment system is excellent on this aircraft.  There is a wide selection of music, movies, TV programs, games and news to choose from.  You can also elect to follow the flight with maps and external cameras.   

The large screen size makes it easy to enjoy the inflight entertainment in business class.  I however, elected to use the short flight to do some work and watch the flight map.

We crossed the Tasman exceptionally quickly today and before I knew it we were descending into Auckland. After a series of turns the beautiful bay city came into sight, and with the sun out, it was a glorious day. We landed softly for such a big plane and taxied smoothly to our gate. Exiting was a breeze with such reduced numbers on board.  

Once disembarked from the A380 I went to the Qantas First Class Lounge Auckland to review their offering.

Expert Traveller Recommends…

Emirates business class is a solid product with direct aisle access and a fully flat bed. With consistently good service from a truly multi-national crew, you are assured of a comfortable and relaxed flight.

If your seat gets too boring for you, there is always the option of the Business Class bar at the back of the upper deck, where you can stand around and chat to both crew and fellow passengers. With Emirates Business Class fares usually very well priced, you simply can’t go wrong.

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